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At HM Off-Road, we get that you value your privacy. That's why we're all about respecting the privacy of folks who visit (yep, this very website you're on). So, we've put together this Privacy Policy to show you just how serious we are about keeping your info safe and sound. Think of it as our way of saying, "We've got your back!" This Privacy Policy dives into what info we collect when you hang out on this Site, what we do with that info, how you can have a say in it, and more. So, take a sec to give it a read, alright?

Now, when we talk about "personal information" in this Privacy Policy, we mean stuff like your name, address, email, phone number, billing info — you get the gist. Everything you do on this Site is totally up to you. No pressure whatsoever. You don't have to cough up any personal info unless you're diving into features or services that need it. And hey, if you're not feeling the vibe of this Privacy Policy or any other rules on the Site, feel free to peace out. Your call. By the way, if you stick around and use this Site, it's like giving us a high five and saying, "I'm cool with these rules!" Just so you know, this Privacy Policy teams up with our Terms of Use. They're like best buds. So, the Terms of Use are part of the deal here too. Quick heads-up: this Privacy Policy only covers info we gather from this Site. Stuff we pick up elsewhere? Nope, doesn't apply. What We Gather Up First off, if you wanna dive into certain parts of our Site or snag some of the cool features, we might ask for personal info. You know, like when you're placing an order, having a chat with our awesome specialists, signing up for newsletters, or throwing your hat in the ring for contests. If you decide to keep your personal info to yourself, no worries — but just know you might miss out on some sweet Site stuff. Depending on what you're up to, we might ask for things like your name, address, phone number, email, credit card info, or even details about your HM Off Road Swag and when you bought it. Oh, and if we shoot emails back and forth, we'll keep a record of those too. We might also get some intel about you from other sources to make sure our future services and marketing hits the spot for you. And hey, we might mix all this info together and share it within our company or with our trusty service providers. Cookies, Logs, and Clear Gifs... Oh My! When you pop onto the Site, we might send a cookie your way. It's just a little text file that helps us recognize your browser, so you can zip around the Site like a pro. Don't worry, cookies don't snitch on your personal info. We've got session cookies that vanish when you close your browser and persistent cookies that stick around a bit longer. You can always tweak your browser settings to reject cookies, but heads-up — some Site features might not work as smoothly. Your browser also shoots us some log file info every time you swing by. It's like a little report card with details about your visit, such as your IP address, browser type, and what pages you checked out. We might also use clear gifs, which are like tiny tracking pixels, to peek at how folks use the Site. No personal info is snatched up with these, promise! We might even use them in emails to see if you've popped them open. It's all about making sure our marketing hits the mark and our Site rocks your socks off. So, there you have it! We're all about keeping your info safe and sound while you hang out on Got questions? Feel free to give us a shout. We're here to help!


Alrighty, let's talk about what we do with the info you give us. First off, any personal info you share and the general info we pick up helps us do a bunch of stuff: (a) We use it to keep this Site running smoothly, making sure you get the best features, products, and all-around awesome experience. (b) We dig into how folks use the Site to learn what grabs your interest. That way, we can dish out content, features, products, and promos that really float your boat. (c) When you sign up for our programs or services, we use your info to sort out registrations and keep things ticking along nicely. (d) Got a comment, question, or complaint? We're all ears! Your feedback helps us tweak our programs, products, and services to keep you smiling. (e) If there's a cool promo, contest, survey, or any other neat feature on the Site, we'll make sure you're in the loop. (f) Love staying in the know? We'll send you marketing goodies and other info about our products, services, and special events that you're keen on. Also, anything you spill on the Site (like a comment or review) becomes fair game for the public eye. We're talking about User Content here. Even if you hit delete, copies might still be floating around in cyberspace, just so you know. Oh, and if you give us your email, get ready for some digital love from us. We'll shoot over Site updates, service notices, newsletters, and maybe even a sweet deal or two. But hey, if you're not vibing with our emails, no hard feelings. Just let us know, and we'll tone it down. Now, about sharing your info. They stay with us. We won't rent or sell 'em to anyone else. But sometimes, we need a little help from our friends. We might pass your info to our trusty team, service providers, or partners to keep the wheels turning smoothly. Don't worry, they're in on the whole privacy thing too. As our business grows, we might shuffle around assets or team up with other companies. In those cases, your info might tag along for the ride. And if the law comes knocking, we'll do what we gotta do to play by the rules and keep things legit. And hey, remember all that tech stuff like cookies and clear gifs? We use those to keep things running smoothly, personalize your experience, and track how the Site's doing. It's all about making sure you get the best bang for your buck. Alright, last thing: we let other companies slap some ads on the Site, but we don't spill the beans about your personal info to them. They might nab your IP address for targeting ads, but that's about it. Oh, and if you click on an ad, they might think you're their target audience superhero. Just a heads-up.


Alright, let's talk about how we keep your personal info safe and sound. Here's the scoop: we've got some pretty slick measures in place to make sure your deets stay secure. We're talking about physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are top-notch. But hey, while we're doing our best to keep everything locked down, there's always a smidge of risk when you're sharing info online. Once your info lands in our hands, we roll up our sleeves and do everything we can to keep it safe. But just to keep it real, no system is foolproof. So while we've got your back, we can't promise that your info won't ever be accessed, tweaked, or even nixed by some sneaky cyber mischief. If, heaven forbid, there's ever a breach and your personal info gets compromised, you can count on us to give you a heads-up pronto. We'll follow the notification procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy or as required by the law.


Protecting the privacy of our younger pals is a biggie for us. So here's the deal: if you're under 13, please don't toss any info our way — whether it's your name, address, or even your pet goldfish's name. Seriously, we're not playing games here. And if we accidentally scoop up info from a kiddo under 13 without getting the thumbs-up from their folks, we'll ditch it faster than you can say "cyber safety." If you think we've goofed and grabbed info from a tyke under 13, give us a shout, alright?


Love hanging out on social media? Us too! Feel free to share your HM Off-Road experiences on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just remember, whatever you share is fair game for the social media world. We'll use that info to cook up some interactive social goodness and keep you in the loop about all things HM Off-Road.


We're not responsible for what goes down on other websites, even if we've linked to 'em. We're only dishing out those links as a handy little shortcut, not an endorsement. So if you hop over to another site, keep in mind that their rules and policies are the ones to follow. And hey, while you're out and about on the web, remember that we can't guarantee the security of your info once you leave our cozy little corner of the internet.


We like to keep you in the loop, whether it's about changes to our Privacy Policy or exciting new developments. So here's how we'll keep you posted: we'll shoot you an email, send you a letter, or even plaster a notice on our Site. We'll do whatever makes sense at the time. But hey, if you've got your heart set on one particular method of notification, just let us know. Oh, and heads-up: changes to this Privacy Policy are effective as soon as they hit the Site. So if you're curious about what's new, check back here every now and then.


Got a burning question about this Privacy Policy or anything else related to the Site? We're all ears! Drop us a line right here.



Hey there, California residents! This bit's for you. The California Consumer Privacy Act gives you some nifty rights when it comes to your personal info. If you've got any questions about your privacy rights or want to request a little info about the personal data we've got on you, here's how you can reach us: By Email: By Phone: (760) 595-0105 Just make sure to include your name, address, and other details so we know it's really you. And don't forget to tell us you're a California resident! Now, about those browser settings: if you've got "Do Not Track" turned on, it's like waving a little flag to tell websites not to track your online moves. Cool, right? Well, we're still figuring out how to respond to those signals. For now, we're keeping an eye on things and waiting for a solid standard to pop up. If you're curious about how "Do Not Track" works, head over to